My projects

White paper

I am a co-author on the recent white paper, “Tackling Climate Change Using Machine Learning

CO2 in ML

I am also working on creating a calculator to quantify the CO2 emissions produced during the training of neural networks

PhD thesis

Find out more about my PhD thesis on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

AI for Good

I helped organize an AI4Good Montreal Conference and Hackathon in June 2019 – check it out!


For more information about my past roles and activities, check out my LinkedIn profile

About Me

After two years working in applied ML research at Nuance and Morgan Stanley, I came back to academia in early 2019 to work with Yoshua Bengio on how to use AI to fight climate change.

In my previous studies and research, I have worked on various domains, namely Natural Language Processing and AI in Education (AIED).

My passions include learning new languages, photography and running.

I care deeply about the state of our planet and hope to witness and participate in the positive changes required to save it in the coming years!


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